We strive to meet the unique needs of every client, and we take pride in our ability to deliver. So if you’re considering a new provider, here’s the top 10 reasons we think you should put Computer Comfort at the top of your list:

  1. Our service techs are highly trained professionals with the certifications needed to keep up with the technology changes that affect your business.
  2. We’re highly responsive to our customers’ needs. When you call, we listen, and then take action quickly.
  3. Our clients look to us as trusted advisors. Because our clients are so dependent on our services to keep their businesses up and running, we take that role very seriously.
  4. We’re good people. As odd as it may sound, we hear this a lot. We’re down to earth, trustworthy, and can be relied upon to do whatever it takes to meet our clients’ needs.
  5. We’re honest. Sometimes the newest isn’t the best. And when it is, some of our clients still don’t need it. We’ll be honest with our recommendations.
  6. We’re responsible stewards of our clients budgets. Many of our competitors will structure solutions that are budget-heavy but not necessary. We know our clients’ budgets aren’t unlimited, and we take care to ensure our solutions are budget-friendly.
  7. We’re flexible enough to service both small and mid-sized clients. Whether you have one workstation or one hundred, we’ll give you the service you deserve at a cost you’ll appreciate.
  8. Our service area physically covers the tri-state region, and we have remote service capabilities so that if you have multiple locations we can service them all.
  9. We’ve been around for over twenty years and we’ll be here for the next. It puts our clients’ minds at ease knowing we’ll be around to service them for years to come.
  10. We want to work with you even more than you want to work with us, which means we’ll exceed your expectations every step of the way.

For more reasons to work with us, to talk to our staff, or to schedule a network audit, click here  or call us directly at (724) 731-0205