Our Computer Support Plans

Today’s complicated technology virtually guarantees that your business will experience a computer problem, and more than once. But while it may be impossible to permanently avoid problems, it is possible to be prepared—and save money—by purchasing Comfort Blocks from Computer Comfort.

The program is simple. You purchase a block of time—20, 40, 60 or 80 hours—and instantly have a complete IT team at the ready. When you need someone on-site, one phone call gets you priority service. And instead of receiving an invoice for every service call, you’ll receive a convenient monthly statement showing how many hours you’ve used, and what you have left.

All that at a significant cost savings over our standard billing rate.

We find that most companies greatly underestimate the amount of computer-related work they purchase in a year. They also often defer badly needed maintenance for fear of what it will cost. Imagine going to the dentist every seven years instead of twice a year…you’d expect a pretty painful experience on year seven, instead of a simple check up!

Some things to consider:

  • Purchasing Comfort Blocks can often pay for itself with one project such as the installation of a new server, a network upgrade or the purchase and installation of several workstations.
  • You’ll have instant access to Computer Comfort IT experts, who can not only fix problems, but make recommendations and submit proposals for the right equipment you need for the job. Don’t overpay Dell or others for a “package”… get just what you need.
  • Computer Comfort is on-call 24-hours-a-day, every day.
  • Our technicians are certified, trained and ready to work on your technology and your applications.

If you need us for any service, we’re here and ready to go. If you’re interested in discussing how Computer Comfort Blocks can save money for your company, contact us today.