Our Computer Network Audit

Changes taking place in computer technology are leaving both older and newer business systems vulnerable to hack attempts, worms, viruses, spam and other threats. Small businesses are understandably unhappy about spending a penny more on their computer systems than they already do, but lack of attention can result in a serious problem that could have easily been prevented.

In order to help your business save money and avoid larger problems, Computer Comfort is offering our on-site Computer Comfort Network Checkup. This is analysis provides the current status of your systems, what threats if any exist, and steps you should consider to protect your systems and your valuable data. We will issue a detailed Health Report Card on your system’s health so you have a true understanding of your network.

The Computer Comfort Network Checkup includes:

The checkup takes approximately one hour on-site, but will not disturb your operations.





The Computer Comfort Network Audit includes:

  • A review of your backups, and how you protect your data. Many tape backups are installed incorrectly, even by “experienced” IT firms, and indicate they are working when in fact they only log folders, not files.
  • External threat review. A check for a firewall, anti-virus software, spyware and adware protection along with the status of updates. Viruses are more malicious than ever, and harder to prevent without the right protection and current updates. We will show you whether or not your whole network is really protected.
  • A review of your junk mail and spam filters. Our audit will discover whether or not you’re using filters, or if your filters are efficiently eliminating annoying and potentially harmful emails from infecting your company’s network.
  • A review of options and solutions for tracking Internet and email usage for all employees. With the growth of the Internet has come the growth of at-work shopping, bill paying and chatting with friends and family. This is now a major cause for lack of productivity at the work place.
  • A speed diagnosis of your network’s ability to support your needs. Many businesses outgrow their network; the result is a reduction in productivity (the exact thing your system is designed to increase).
  • An audit of your system’s capabilities to ensure that you are fully utilizing them. Many file servers have extensive unused capabilities that, for no extra cost, can enable teams to greatly enhance productivity, share information, work remotely and more.
  • An Internet service pricing check to ensure you are not overpaying your current provider.

Result: a complete Health Report Card on your business computer network.

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